NCAAB Point Spreads - Basketball Betting Odds

Compare college basketball point spreads from many of the top betting shops the world has to offer before deciding which team to wager on. Comparing these NCAAB odds helps bettor locate the best line, which is important. Even a half point on a college hoops match can provide the winning margin on your bet. Imagine you get Duke at -3.5 and they win 70-66. You win that bet against the spread, whereas you would have pushed at -4 and lost your bet at -4.5. Refresh your browser to get updated NCAAB point spread odds on today's top games.

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Unsure as to why the college basketball point spread might be better than the basketball moneyline for this game? When is it smarter to bet the spread instead of the ML? Check our How to Bet on Basketball tutorials for basic information on how the line is set and what you can learn from it when the college basketball line moves.